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Monaco is the second smallest country

in the world; about 34,000 people live

there. It is located near south-eastern

France, on the Mediterranean Sea in 

Western Europe. French is the most

common language spoken in Monaco.

Known as Europe’s tax haven, each and

every individual citizens of Monaco enjoys

a tax-free lifestyle since the 1870s. For

decades,Monaco lived off solely on its casinos.

Monaco also has the world's highest life

expectancy at nearly 90 years (94 for females).





Things To Do                                                                                                       


Source - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHMZSCfiCrA



The Monaco Grand Prix is one of

the world's greatest motor-racing events.

Staged around the narrow, winding streets

of Monte Carlo, the main attraction of the

Monaco Grand Prix is the close proximity of

the cars to the spectators. The Monaco

Grand Prix is a Formula One motor race held

each year on the Circuit de Monaco. Run

since 1929, it is widely considered to be

one of the most important and prestigious 

 automobile races in the world.







The Monte Carlo Casino is a gambling and entertainment

complex located in Monte Carlo, Monaco. One of the world’s

first major casinos is situated on the Place du Casino in Monte

 Carlo. Enter through "the front door" and fall beneath

the spell of the charming atmosphere of yesteryear combined

with the contemporary approach to gambling. Citizens of Monaco are

not allowed to gamble, nor even visit the casinos. The elegant

façade and panache interiors of the Monte-Carlo Casino had

been a filming location of three James Bond Films namely

“Casino Royal”, Golden Eye, and Never Say Never Again.




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